Growing Healthy Together

We work hard to make GAC Adani, a healthy and rewarding place to work. We offer employees a bike-to-work program that pays staff members $5 a day to bike to and from work, and we provide our team with a 24-hour work and recreation center, onsite fitness classes, recycling education classes and more.

We’ve installed full-spectrum lighting in office workspaces, low voltage/low energy lighting in the production facilities, warehouses, and filtered air systems for our team. We also utilize biodiesel delivery trucks and provide hybrid cars for our sales team.

A Network of Supporter

GAC Adani is proud to be able to support a number of causes we feel passionately about. We want to leave the world better than we found it and foster the next generation as best we can.

Being impact partners with many organizations, we support to produce ground-breaking research on critical environmental and farming issues, help create free educational materials for the growing community, ensure policy makers understand the importance of natural & organic and research needed to improve it, and demonstrate to consumers the importance of fighting climate change with natural & organic farming practices.

We support hundreds of small and family owned farms, organic farms, as well as champion the work of foundations like the Organic Farming Research Foundation and Earth Justice.


We are proud supporters of wildlife donating regularly to the Defenders of Wildlife, the National Park Foundation and the National Wildlife Federation